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They cast actors and actresses who are far older or Som er støpt av gossip girl dating than the characters they are hired to play. While this is nothing new in Hollywood, this cast was almost entirely made up of actors and actresses who were far older than the characters they portrayed. The guys just let the accusations of homosexuality roll off their backs, and they still do. We wish this was fictional, but the custody case of actress Kelly Rutherford was anything but. In the television show, she's a brilliant future filmmaker, but spends most of her time pining over Dan.

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Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. It Som er støpt av gossip girl dating news to us, too. Her former spouse was granted full custody of the kids back in and, between legal fees and owed child support, Kelly was pretty much broke. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. In the end, she was basically written off, save a few guest appearances.

Taylor reportedly didn't only change her looks, though. When you shove Som er støpt av gossip girl dating handful of good looking young people together and ask them to act out steamy love scenes all day long, there is a really good chance that at least a few of these people are going to Som er støpt av gossip girl dating those scenes in real life.

The Gossip Girl television show was based on a series of books penned by Cicely von Ziegesar. During this time, both Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen were branching out into the music world.

Did they have their very own Gossip Girl  on the staff? Chance Crawford oozes appeal and this trait made him the center of all sorts of juicy rumors. Leighton Meester originally auditioned for the role of Serena, and as we all know that didn't quite pan out for her. The author made it clear that her feelings toward the character had nothing to do with actress Jessica Szhor's acting abilities and everything to do with the character development that the show's writers created.

The guys just let the accusations of homosexuality roll off their backs, and they still do. Kelly, who played Serena's mother Lily van  der Woodsen, was involved in a long and painful legal fight with her ex-husband over their two young children. They encouraged the young stars to date each other. Project Runway mentor, Tim Gunn, made a  GG appearance starring as himself in a Season 4 episode, which was sadly not the most pleasant experience.

While Penn was 19 dating en 24 år gammel his movie, Greetings From Tim Buckleyhe revealed his true feelings about his breakout role in an interview, saying that he could finally be proud of some of his work, which was an entirely new feeling for him. During this consideration, there were murmurings that actress Lindsay Lohan would play one of the lead roles.

Suddenly, the show's scripts started popping up online, both freaking out and perplexing the show's producers. Her tactic worked and she scored the gig that would make her a household name for years to come.

Serena and Blair were the ultimate frenemies on Gossip Girlbut in real life, their relationship was ever more complicated than on the show. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. He told reporters that it was nice to not have to constantly apologize for his past acting work.

In the television show, she's a brilliant future filmmaker, but spends most of her time pining over Dan. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Actor Penn Badgley has been pretty vocal regarding his utter disdain for the Gossip Girl franchise, calling his time on the show, "an endurance test. According to the gossip rags, Season 4 was full of fights over designer apparel. She recognized that she would be Som er støpt av gossip girl dating way better Blair than a Serena and even died Om meg delen på dating site blonde locks brown to better suit the role.

If we are being completely honest, some of the outfits shown on Gossip Girl are totally worth fighting over, so we will give the ladies this one. Gossip Girl showed some pretty heavy stuff—substance use, drinking—that parents didn't want their kids exposed to on television. Her writing was so fabulous that the world clearly needed another medium to indulge in this juicy storytelling, so Gossip Girl was pitched as a full-length feature film.

Perfectly manicured claws were bound to come on out! The witty and creative show producers took these boycott rants and spun them into promo ads to further the buzz surrounding Gossip Girl. While we were all glued to the television set week after week wondering who in the actual hell Gossip Girl really was, there was far more drama taking place on set once the cameras stopped rolling.

Ummmm, we can only assume he is referring to his stint on GG. Also off-screen, Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan had their brief moment in Som er støpt av gossip girl dating sun, while Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr had a fairly high profile "are they or aren't they" thing for years.

Maybe someday producers and writers will gift us with a reunion movie. Her fears were put to rest—or maybe magnified—when show producers told her that was exactly what they wanted. A fresh take on sports: Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. At just 13 years old, Taylor Momsen was the only teenage actor on the show when Gossip Girl  mania kicked off.

Her children now reside in Europe, primarily in France and Monaco. Gossip Girl was a show about high schoolers, yet all but one cast member was well into their 20s when they started filming.

Her attitude and behavior on set became increasingly challenging to work with. During filming, there were murmuring that Westwick and Crawford were a lot more than friends. Themes of drinking, casual romping between the sheets, adultery, bullying and social manipulation were common throughout the show's run, so it's easy to see why protective adults would say no way to GG.

Looking back on early scenes and seeing that Goo hye sun og lee min ho dating i det virkelige liv very young Taylor once locked lips with an older Ed Westwick makes us a bit sick to our stomachs.

Truth be told, how can you even have a show like this and not have a few feuds over costumes? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. In real-life Taylor was heavily channeling her inner heavy Som er støpt av gossip girl dating rock goddess with her band, The Pretty Reckless, and that persona started spilling over into her work on Gossip Girl.

Check out these 15 drama-filled factoids that were rumored to plague the set of Gossip Girl back in the day. It has to be hard to see your words and vision go in a completely different direction than you initially intended.

Westwick, who played the notorious bad boy Chuck Bass on the show, is also a super Som er støpt av gossip girl dating and this duo of hotness made a perfect little rumor web for us all to sink out teeth into. Season 3 of Gossip Girl saw a whole new off-screen and very one-sided feud between two of the show's actresses.

They hired a private investigator to look into the situation and found Som er støpt av gossip girl dating a Russian teen had hacked into one of the writer's email accounts and gained access to the show's scripts.

The writers were able to work some of her sudden transformation into the scripts, but a lot of it just didn't make sense. This is some very Gossip Girl -worthy drama here. They also wanted the cast to wear the onset outfits out in the real world and do whatever they could to help the public buy into this warped little world that the show created. For the most part, Cicely was on board with what show producers envisioned for the television adaptation, but one character portrayal rubbed her the wrong way.

The series is Min ex er dating en taper on the wealthy and privileged, after all.

In her place—a moody, angsty, eye-liner loving Taylor who was barely Dating en jødisk jente som ikke jøde to fans. Rumor has it, Blake flipped her lid when she caught wind that Leighton's wardrobe budget was bigger than hers. In fact, he gave a cringe-worthy interview to E! Oh, we do love ourselves some Dan Humphries, but it turns out that Dan didn't exactly love the show. Covering the hottest movie Som er støpt av gossip girl dating TV topics that fans want.

He told the interview that he could not for the life of him figure out why they "were all being held hostage over this brat. The character of Vanessa was apparently way off the mark.

There is no shortage to rumors that these two had Ekteskap ikke dating 5.bolum asya fanatikleri long-standing feud off-screen. Did you know that Gossip Girl was the victim of a Russian hack? A lot can happen over the course of one season of a hit television show. We wish this was fictional, but the custody case of actress Kelly Rutherford was anything but. The movie never happened, but we're fine with that, considering we got six seasons of this goodness instead.

When she threw a proper fit over it, a CW representative issued a statement, saying "The show will support Taylor and her music when the time is right, but her music is not ready yet. When two of Meester's songs were featured on Gossip Girl , Taylor reportedly hit the roof. Populære dating nettsteder i finland Gossip Girl television show all started Cs gå matchmaking deutsche server a series of books based on the real-life experiences of author, Cicely von Zeigasar.

They cast actors and actresses who are far older or younger than the characters they are hired to play. Learn More Have an account? All of the on-screen drama, off-screen love affairs and feuds don't hold a candle to the saddest Gossip Girl -related incident to ever go down. Penn Badgley and Blakey Lively dated low-key for a few years and remain the most notorious real-life then couple. There were also reports stating that when the cameras stopped rolling the actresses, "avoided one another like the plague.

Give TheThings a Thumbs up! Gunn called Taylor a "pathetic diva" who couldn't remember her lines. While this is nothing new in Hollywood, this cast was almost entirely made up of actors and actresses who were far older than the characters they portrayed. His scene was shot with actress Taylor Momsen and she did not make the best of impressions on the guest actor. The kid sold the stolen scripts on eBay, leading to a production nightmare.

The result was scandalous, shady and downright genius. In fact, some of them worked tirelessly to get the show removed from the air! It has been alleged that Blake had a beef Som er støpt av gossip girl dating Meester's wardrobe budget and Meester Som er støpt av gossip girl dating Lively was a complete egomaniac. So all's well that ends well, we suppose. After the script thief was outed, he squeaked out of prosecution because of his age, but what a serious headache for the show's big wigs to have to deal with.

Crawford has been photographed with men, likely friends or acquaintances, for years and every time a photo surfaces, the rumors come back around. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. In the book, Vanessa is an all-black wearing bad ass with a shaved head. It easily took viewers all of five minutes to get sucked into the the drama-fueled lives of these beautiful Manhattan socialites. While she never ended up playing the character she originally hoped for, Leighton certainly found her calling as Blair.

Gossip Girl was all the rage with young adult, female viewers, but it wasn't all that popular with some parents. There was so much hooking up among the young cast members that actress Blake Lively became concerned that the dating lives of the actors would start to affect how their bosses perceived them. In order for the series to become hugely popular, the producers needed life to imitate art as much as possible. The transformation of Taylor Momsen's character Jenny, AKA Little J, took place somewhere between Season 1 and Season 2, leaving fans wondering where in the hell their doe-eyed, fresh-faced Jenny went.

After all, this was a cast packed full of gorgeous, young people with dreams and aspirations. After watching these ladies light up the screen for six straight seasons, we couldn't image them playing any other role than the one that they were cast for. There may have been more off-screen hook-ups between the Gossip Girl cast members than there were on-screen love affairs.

Cicely grew up on the Upper East side and Lord knows she saw enough shade to pen outlandish stories that left us all salivating and begging for Iphone 4 koble opp til bil. Television shows pull this stuff all of the time. That is a pretty Som er støpt av gossip girl dating and bizarre order for Som er støpt av gossip girl dating actors to fill.

While Kelly doesn't have physical custody of them, she claims that the children are doing well and she sees them often. Taylor Momsen, who portrayed Little J, was equally pissed off at all of the attention that was being bestowed upon the Blair's breathtaking closet.

Meester was aiming at becoming a solo artist, most notably singing on a hit song with Cobra Starship, while Momsen was rocking out with her band The Pretty Reckless. We all work with people who are merely co-workers, not BFFs. The cast was blindingly beautiful, the clothes were fabulous, the story lines were scandalous and everybody was hooking up, both on- and off-screen. How could there not be tension and rivalries?

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